Card on File Policy

Lunette Optic requires that almost all patients provide a form of payment (“Card on File”) in case of further patient cost responsibility after insurance adjudication of their visit. This mandatory “Card on File” policy allows for smoother transactions and billing for our patients and will ensure that Lunette Optic can collect for services rendered in a timely manner from all patients.

The only patients not required to provide a “Card on File” are self-pay patients, when a  visit is paid in full at time of service. All other patients must provide a “Card on File”.

Options for Card on File include:
Debit card
Credit Card

Please be assured that payment card information is tokenized and will be safely held on a secure, encrypted site. No financial information will be available to our staff, held in our system, or at our office.

Co-pays will still be collected at each visit (if applicable). We will submit all patient claim to insurance as usual.

When the insurance claim is processed, the patient should receive an explanation of benefits (EOB), either in the mail or electronically from their insurer that outlines the patient responsibility for services rendered. We also receive a copy of the EOB from our patient’s insurer and will charge the card on file the amount indicated as patient responsibility for services rendered within 3-5 business days of receipt of that EOB. If there is no balance due as per the EOB, the card on file will not be charged.