Luxury Eyewear
Eyewear Design

Eyewear is your most important accessory In addition to correcting your vision or providing sun protection, eyeglasses present the most visible statement of your personal style. Although some prominent fashion brands, such as Chanel and Prada, produce fine eyewear, the best frames are usually created by lesser-known designers who specialize in eyewear. At Lunette Optic, we travel worldwide to attend seminars and exhibitions so that we can offer you the finest selection of high-quality, fashion-forward eyewear.

Selecting the Right Frame

Our goal is to help you see well and look great. Choosing the right frame for your face requires expertise and discernment. Our opticians have a combined 90 years of experience helping customers select frames that fit and flatter. We analyze shape, style, color, size, and optical needs to help you find the ideal frame. Many of our customers report that they feel more fashionable and confident once they start wearing the frames we’ve helped them to select.

Children's Eyewear

Children’s glasses are available at our Dedham, Hingham and Lynnfield locations. Our selection combines quality, fashion, and flair because children can be the most discerning eyewear customers of all.

Eyewear Collections

We travel worldwide to bring you the finest selection of eyewear.